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Creating Your Brand Identity

People don't buy products, they buy stories. Your brand is simply how you communicate your story. And 80% of that communication is based on color alone. Harness the power of visual signals by creating your brand identity using my simple yet powerful system based on applied color psychology.

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What Your Favorite Color Reveals About How You're Feeling

Are you feeling particularly attracted to orange hues? You might be traveling and thinking of home.  Is sunshine yellow making you smile? There's no denying it, you've got the happiness bug! Discover a key to your inner psyche.

Colors Decoded

Marketing Your Brand

Marketing is all about finding your tribe and establishing bonds through processes designed to lead them through the know, like, and then trust journey to becoming raving fans. There is no one magic bullet that will take your brand from unknown to an overnight success, but you can learn the strategies, systems, and mindset to make your business shine.

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Hi there! I'm Jenny.

I'm a one-woman powerhouse who helps creative entrepreneurs, designers, and stylists remove the guesswork from styling & marketing their brands and businesses, while boosting their confidence with color.

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The design industry is just discovering applied color psychology. Harness the power of the system to fast-track your creative and be at the forefront of your field!


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